Et On Tuera Tous Les Affreux


Un groupe : Radar musique

Et On Tuera Tous Les Affreux are a queer punx band from Caen, France. Playing what they call inclusive hardcore. No macho bullshit, no virilism, no transphobia. Making music that make you want to dance and stomp on a cop’s head.

Recorded and mixed at Sylvebarbe Studio by Louis Ramel.
Mastered at Atomic Garden Studios by Jack Shirley.
300 copies on black vinyls, with lyrics sheets.

LP available on:
Youth Authority Records (FR)
Toxic Wotsit (UK)
Mass Prod (FR)
Different Kitchen (UK)
Seitan’s Hell Bike Punks (FR, ES)
17 Décembre Records (FR)
Sylvebarbe Records (FR)
Anxiety Attack Rekords (BUL)
Dead Punx (BEL)


Et On Tuera Tous Les Affreux


Mange Tes Morts

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