The Orvalians


Un groupe : Radar musique

The Orvalians was established in 2014 by the founder members of the group RHùN (Captain Flapattak, Thybo and Fabien de Kerbalech) (Ih / 2014 – Altrock). With at their side Ludal Le Chacal (keyboards and voice). Explorers of the constellation of the crab for more than 10 years, The Orvalians are four friends who always venture towards difficult and sloping territories, finding rich, fertile, bright lands. From within the depths of a cosmic hermetic rock garage emerge four crazy astronauts from Orval (a small village in Normandy, lost in the mist, where they make stopovers to play some music, in diving suits or naked (like gorillas))!


The Orvalians


The Great Filter

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